Lirik High Gain - Cockroaches

Lirik Lagu "Cockroaches" - High Gain

Burst out
The hush keeps bleak
Don't blame me for the outcome

I can't stand,the sight of seeing you
Urge me to walk thru

You better start to beg
For I can't be up in arms
You chained yourself with your false
Thus, Regret all

Cut it out! Those Nonsenses of yours
sees the error of your way
To be tied! Irritated, for me, can't hold no more

You surely Fraught with danger
Watch not to drain and fall
You Thought you're the maker
Sacked the soul

You're the fucking cockroach
Who won't live to tell the tale
Think this a parade
You're not the one who rules the stage

I'm gonna wreck those parades
that you keep pretending on
I'm gonna wreck those parades
and have you over the coals

I'm gonna wreck those parades
That you keep pretending on
I'm gonna wreck those parades
Mark my work

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