Lirik Jollywagon - Epiphany

Lirik Lagu "Epiphany" - Jollywagon

He has got a standing-log-like
Kind of a
Grifter figure.

He has been a lazy slob, "grease, do not!
Give me a hard time".

The tainted breath of a rusted spinning fan,
made her swoon on her heels...
On a space not so blank
On a journey it's so rad.

Those gleam-like blossom looks,
Withered by an eering glimpse

Tells a tale of a half-grown firework tree

She has been leeching lives by a hanging strand

Defiled wishes dwelled by the kin of men
On a room...
.Filled with scattered past-due laundries

The tainted breath of a rusted spinning fan.
A speck of dust and a pair of tired eyes,
How i've come to be fond of this

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