Lirik Gascoigne - Stolen War Emblem

Lirik Lagu "Stolen War Emblem" - Gascoigne

Stolen bruises I've paved, one rowdy nights at the bar
Pound my table and let me take your dime.
There's a star sign I've named, I named it after my gun
Shot it down lest it pins you to the ground

I said it all pretty clear, let's make amends and pretend
borrowed kisses and lies without a tongue
Seamless faces you saw, on your way to the ball
don't remember, resist the feel...

Build the trenches tower high
bump our friends across the other side.
Shackle up around a corner
and pray it hits the numbers right
We came this far, let's make it to Kenya.

Talk a little closer on wavelength 2
Drop down to the keyhole as we sing to you
And we are off

As the poultry's running dry
and You're upstairs partying high we spins.
Take the camera crew alive
raise your sword until you tear a spleen.
As the cannons fly above you
and gracefully hits the bedroom floor.
Keep the banner steal the medal
and raise upon horizon blue
Oh how it sank, we made it to Kenya

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