Lirik Torpedoest - The Positivism's Wall

Lirik Lagu "The Positivism's Wall" - Torpedoest

Look, sniff and hear the sound
Feel it with touch and neurons beneath your tongue
The accessible piece of complicated truth
Constructing their fallacies for good?

Two dead bodies behind a fallen trees
Forgotten how only judge what they sees
Tired of living,? Tired of human being?
I got the instinct but still cannot sing

Black as the night skies, warm as a song
We’re just a drink with another parole
More and more positivism's wall
Take us straight to the heaven’s door

Electricity within this worn body
Take me out from this misery
of a world that cannot see
what was really happened baby!

Audio/ video: Torpedoest - The Positivism's Wall

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