Lirik Pygmy Marmoset - Kuko The Bird

Lirik Lagu "Kuko The Bird" - Pygmy Marmoset

My name is Kuko the Bird,
I live on a tree,
I live there with my happy family,
Brothers, sisters, and granny,

But I have to move
From one tree to another different tree
Because, the tree is gone, they're (all) gone, one by one,

Its the monsters who took our tree
They've cut it down, down, down, down
Now they have planted new concrete trees,
They grow fast, but have no branches or leaves,

I think I should move..
From one sea across to another sea..
To find new land, that is safe and no more monsters around...

My granny said to me,
One day we will fight back,
We wont let them take away the trees from us anymore

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