Lirik Inheritors - Chainsaw Massacre

Lirik Lagu "Chainsaw Massacre" - Inheritors

Hiding in the basement
Living in the slaughter house
Growing in the wrong direction
His mental left behind

Welcome to hell there is no sins to punish god not here to help you wish
You rather die

Like a spike in a flesh
A slice in your skin
Cut off your legs
You can feel the pain

Blurry visions, Sally is dead, run out of blood
Cannibal and psycho killer, your fingers in a soup

Chainsaw Massacre
No change to escape no one can hide
Chainsaw Massacre
No change to escape no one can fight

This is the story about inbred child that lives with his wheelchaired mama

Chainsaw, dead bodies everywhere
Massacre, on the summertime
Chainsaw, its a bloodbath, honey
Massacre, on august eighteenth

Ed Gein is gonna fuck you up!

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