Lirik Distruggere - Red Ocean

Lirik Lagu "Red Ocean" - Distruggere

that night when I realized it was not over
for my nightmares that kept haunt me
my nightmare's killing me slowly

I heard the shout from above
calling me for a chance of redemption (2x)
into the red ocean
I'll be your servant to carry out your will (2x)

so I went with the last hope that remained
I climbed alone to the mount of the gods
I cried to them, begging for salvation

I will become your nightmare
I will descent from this mountain
I will erase your very existance all from this life

then they put a leash on my soul
give me a blade that I used now
to kill, to slaughter
to rip out their enemies

into the rest ocean
I'll be your servant to carry out your will (2x)


take my soul, take my blood

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